What is School Education? Importance of Schools in Hindi

Hey Instillers! You all might have studied or may be studying somewhere in any school. But, have you ever thought “What is School Education? What is the Importance of Schools in our life?”

Everyone, your parents, grandparents and you also, is exposed to schools. It has become mandatory and even the government has passed the Right to Education Act, so that each and everybody have school education.

So, today I am here to tell you “What is School Education”. Also, Types & Importance of Schools in India, will be discussed here. If you also want to know more about “School Education of India”, then stay tuned with this article till the end.

What is Education?

Education is the process of learning or the acquisition of information, knowledge, skills and values. The method of education may vary from teaching, discussion and research to storytelling.

Going to schools and being taught by teachers is not the only way for education. In fact, every now-and-then, if you learn something from anybody anywhere is referred to actual education and learning.

But, in today’s time schools are given the most priority. We are compelled by our parents and society to attend schools since our birth. So, now I will be taking about “What is School”.

What is School Education?

Now, we will know about the exact “Meaning of School” or What is School? Why are schools given so much importance? What is the Importance of Schools in India?

What is School Education in India

A school is an educational institution which provides learning environment for students to learn and acquire knowledge & skills.

In India, students are subjected to schools since their childhood, like at the age of 3 to 5 years. But, it is not mandatory from the age of 3 years.

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Right to Education in India

The Indian Government and its constitution have passed a law regarding education in India. This basically protects the education & learning rights to children.

Right to Education Act, 2009 (RTE) describes the modalities of the importance of free and compulsory education for children between 6 and 14 years of age in India under Article 21a of the Indian Constitution.

It is very great that all Indians have the opportunity to have elementary education for free. In this regard, there are many government schools in India which work as to facilitate the Right to Education to all of us.

School Education System in India

You all might have understood that “What is School Education”. Now, we will discuss about the “Types of Schools in India” and then the “Importance of Schools in Hindi” will be discussed in detail.

The Indian Education System is structured from pre-school, primary school, secondary school to universities.

  • Pre-school: Education at this level is not compulsory. The Montessori system (self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play) is practiced at this pre-school education.
  • Playschool: The Children from the age of 3 to 5 are taught though plays and entertainment. This includes Nursery, LKG & UKG classes.

What is School Education Children School

  • Primary School: First to Fifth standard/class (for 6 to 10 year olds).
  • Middle School: Sixth to Eighth standard/class (11 to 13 year olds).
  • Secondary School: Ninth & Tenth standard/class which we can say the matriculation level.
  • Higher Secondary: 11th & 12th standards that is also called the intermediate level.
  • Undergraduate: Specialized courses on particular subjects are taught under this for 3-4 years after Intermediate.
  • Postgraduate: 1-2 year course after undergraduate. This can be called as University level.

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Types of Schools in India

In spite of the above structured education system’s different schools, educational institutions in India can be classified on the basis of their fund/monetary aid.

  • Government Schools: These schools are run and managed by the government. These foster the students under the Right to Education Act as well as higher studies.
  • Public Schools: There are many schools which are opened by some trusts to provide some advanced education which the government schools are unable to do. Sometimes, they get some aid from the government also.
  • Private Schools: These are unaided schools which completely depend on the fees collected by the students.
  • International Schools: As the name suggests, International Schools, they are attended by expats (foreigners) as well the native students.
  • Open Schools: National Open Schools provide education to those students whose schooling has been interrupted for some reasons. These come under Distance Education.
  • Special Schools: Provide non-formal education and vocational training to children with disabilities.

Importance of Schools in India

I have told you almost all about “What is School”, types of schools and now it’s the time for “Importance of Schools in 2019”.

Education is very essential for everyone. When we take birth in this world, we are nothing. We have no knowledge, no information and no values.

Our parents teach us to walk, speak, laugh and to communicate with others. As we grow, we have to face the world alone. So, education plays a very important in one’s life.

I would say one very important thing that “Mother is our first teacher.” What we learn in schools and society that is processed in our mind after we have learnt the basics from our parents.

In today’s time, schools are teaching academics, like maths, science, history, geography, languages, etc. Also, the exams conducted which in turn decide what we are, are just testing our memorization skills.

So, don’t be focusing only on exams and marks. Try to learn the exact skills which will later help you to live your life with happiness and success.

Importance of Schools in Hindi

Many students in India have problems with the English language. The society and the world treat English as a symbol of status.

What is School Education Importance

But, for me language is just a medium for communication, whether it’s Hindi or English. So, now I will be talking of “Importance of Schools in Hindi”.

Jab ham is duniya me paida lete hain, tab ham kuchh nahi hote. Hamare parents hame chalna sikhate hain, bolna sikhate hain aur is duniya se ladne ke lie sabhi jaruri qualities hame unhin se milti hain.

Schools me ham academics aur alag-alag tarah ke subjects, jaise maths, science, history, geography, etc. ke bare me padhte hain. Isse ham duniya me ho rahe sabhi chizon se avgat hote hai.

Education sabhi ke lie bahut jaruri hai. Isse aap kai saare chizen sikh sakte ho. Apne passion aur skills ko pahchan kar use field ke master bankar aap apne life me successful bhi ho sakte ho.

School Education System of India in Hindi

Aaj ke samay me jis tarah ke education par focus kiya jaa raha hai, mere khyal se ham trained ho rahe hain, n ki educated. Exams se sirph hamara memorization yani yaad karne kee kshamta pataa lagti hai, par aaj ise bahut jyada hamatva diya jaa rahaa hai.

Asal me, jindagi me kuchh bada karne ke lie, is tarah ke education kee jyda jarurat nhi hai. Jo knowledge aapke andar hain, jo skills aapne improve kiye hain, vahi aapke asal kaam aayengi.

So, yahan par mera ek suggestion hai ki agar aap schools me achchhe nhi hai, aapke marks utne achchhe nhi hain, to don’t take tension. Isse pareshan hone kee koi jarurat nhi hai.

Bas itna rakhiye ki jo aap padh rahe ho, use aap kis tarah apne jivan me use kar sakte ho. Usse aap kis tarah apne passion aur skilla ko apne success ke lie istemaal kar sakte ho. Aapka knowledge aur skills hi aapko saphalta dilayegi.

Conclusion: What is School Education in Hindi?

So friends! This is the full information about the Importance of Schools & Education System in India. I hope, you have liked this article, especially my thoughts about education. Also, you might have understood “What is School Education”.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the “Importance of School Education in India”, then feel free to comment it down. If you want to read more Educational Blogs that are helpful to you, then you can follow us.

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