What is Boarding School? Benefits & Fees of Boarding School vs Hostel in India

Hey Instillers! Do you know ‘What is Boarding School?’ You might have heard about boarding schools, probably on movies; where children are sent to a hostel for a very long time.

But, a boarding school is somewhat different from a hostel or residential school. Many people of India are not aware what it is exactly about?

So, today I am here to tell you ‘What is Boarding School’ and also ‘Benefits and Fees of Boarding Schools in India”. If you also want to know more about this educational institution, then stay tuned with this article till the end.

What is Boarding School?

First of all, we will talk about the meaning of boarding school, and then benefits and importance of boarding schools and at last we will talk about “Should we go Boarding School vs Hostel”?

A boarding school is a residential private school where students actually live on campus in dormitories or resident houses with adults from the school (dorm parents).

The word ‘boarding’ is used in the sense of “room and board”, i.e. lodging and meals. In a boarding school, students live there for a long time as their academic tenure exists. Room and board are included in boarding school tuition.

What is Boarding School

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Boarding School vs Hostel

After having a quick insight about boarding school, many of you might be thinking of a hostel or residential school. What is the difference between boarding school and hostel?

Hostel is a kind of residential school where students often get leave on special occasions and festivals. But, there is a very little chance of leave in a boarding school except the academic session end.

Also, parent often go to meet their wards in a hostel. There is a fixed weekly day (like Sunday) and time for meeting with the parents. While, parents are not allowed to meet their wards very often in a boarding school. They meet after a very long time.

Benefits of Boarding School  

Now, many of you might have the question ‘What are the Benefits of Boarding School’, the school is not even allowing the own parents to meet their wards very often.

Only those parents send their children to boarding schools who are busy in their business and office works and have no time for their children. If they have no time, then meeting occasionally is not a big issue.

What is Boarding School Benefits

The very important thing about a boarding school is that it will nurture you ward with perfection. A boarding school provides overall development of students, so it’s really great.

If you have no time for your children, then the boarding school will do everything for you. They will feed your children, board and also teach them providing an overall development.

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Boarding School Fees in India

After knowing so much ‘Benefits of Boarding Schools’ many of you might be willing to enroll in a boarding school. Before that, let’s talk about Fees of Boarding Schools in India.

As it nurtures your ward, feeds and teaches providing an overall development, it is sure that fees are also high. The fees of a typical boarding school vary from Rs.5 to 10 Lakhs. But, what it does completely justifies the amount.

Conclusion: What is Boarding School?

Now, I have cleared everything about ‘What is Boarding School’ and also the benefits and importance of boarding schools. Many of you might have a question “Should we go a Boarding School rather than normal hostel”?

I will highly recommend a boarding school if you are very busy in your business and office works. And if you have time for nurturing your children, normal day-school will be the best for you.

Also, if your ward is stubborn and naughty then try to improve him or send him a boarding school. It will be a great place for the overall development of you children.

I hope, this article might have helped you in understanding “What is Boarding School”? If you have any query regarding boarding schools, then feel free to comment it down.

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